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Skam Dust Japan Tour Report & Music Update

We recently spoke with Skam about last month’s Skam Dust Japan Tour:

“This years SKAM FEST was more exciting for us cause we added 2 more cities, Osaka & Kagoshima.
We were up & down & all over Japan having a great time. We took a Bullet Train from Tokyo to Osaka then in a few days back on a bullet train heading south to Kagoshima. Then I flew back to “Have A Good Time” (store/gallery) in Tokyo via jet plane. We did travel a lot but managed to stay in both Osaka & Kagoshima for 2 days each. And we spent in total about 5 days in Tokyo.

SKAM FEST was fire, people can expect a hardcore rap show with live hardcore bands performing & we added tattoo’s & graffiti works from the one & only MQ, MKUE did a great job DJing, everyone was excited to see him, fans lined up for a MQ tattoo..
In short this was a traveling mutant circus on acid!!

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