09 Sep 2014


Born in NYC under a crescent moon,

09 Sep 2014

Born in NYC under a crescent moon, SKAM DUST is The Rap-Metal King & a thunderbolt of power. When asked where do you get your energy from SKAM replies “From the streets, there’s vitamins in these streets, I call it street protein.” His movement is global. As SKAM puts it “I’am a Matrix Storm Trooper visiting all the streets of the world”.

In the 90′s Skam started a band called Son Of Skam with members from Madball & Sub Zero, their collaboration spawned a new branch of music, blending sounds of Beastie Boys meets Black Sabbath with a NY hardcore platform.

Now in 2014 Skam Dust has united with DJ-SEV1 to add a twist of scratching to his already unique flavor of sounds.

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