Skam Dust interview @ The Wild
03 Jan 2013

Skam Dust interview @ The Wild

Online blog / magazine The Wild Styles

03 Jan 2013

Online blog / magazine The Wild Styles have just released an interview w/ Skam Dust.

Some excerpts:
“TWS: Tell us about your childhood, obviously you were raised in NYC, talk about the dangers and pitfalls of growing in such a crazy city during the turbulent ’80′s.
Skam Dust: My childhood was interesting, I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. You asked about danger, there’s danger in cities across the world.. What makes NY different from other places is that we have every human from all nations across the earth, here! We have every ingredient cooking in the pot & this pot is a pressure cooker! You see back in the 80′s every thing was new, hipHop, movies, graff & at the same time everything was OLD, you know, OLD SKOOL, with OLD RULES.. There was a different attitude in the 80′s, it was ok to be a COWBOY..”

“TWS: You do a lot of projects together with legendary graff artist MQ. How far back do you guys go and how did you meet..
Skam Dust: MQ / MKUE & I met like 26 years ago in Corona Queens, I did a big fat wet tag I remember the color was baby blue. So I went back to see my tag & I saw these 2 kids looking at my tag, so I approach them & say to them “You guys write?” & MQ says “Yes I write MQ” & his partner was Hoya (bass player for Madball) & Hoya said “I write JO3″. From that point on we became partners in graffiti. MQ didn’t want to get Hoya in trouble so we would leave him behind when we went bombing.”…

Head over to The Wild Styles to read the full interview:

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