Corona Drug Bust
project name

Corona Drug Bust

Full Length CD / Digital


Released: Aug 2010
Label(s): Real Recognizes Real Records / Countdown Records / ILL ROC Records


01. Untouchable (ft Danny Diablo)
02. Corona Drug Bust (ft Freddy Madball)
03. Godz Of War (ft CeeKay Jones, Danny Diablo, Jay R)
04. The Infamous Skam Dust (ft Danny Diablo, Natascha Nicholson)
05. Pray For Me (ft Ted Olde York)
06. Ready To Rock (ft Grizz Rock)
07. Out The Zoo Remix (ft Freddy Madball, Karl Buechner)
08. Sign Of The Times (ft Puerto Rican Myke, Danny Diablo, Lu Dibella, Boston Mike, NOM, DJ Cos)
09. Wild Style Life Style
10. Five Borough Manhunt (ft Lu Dibella)
11. Monkeys Of Darkness (ft Lu DiBella, Freddy Madball)
12. The Tale Of Brenda Bled (Junkie Sucker) (ft Lu DiBella)
13. No Escape (ft Lu DiBella, Freddy Madball)
14. Recognize The Rat (ft Lu DiBella, Freddy Madball)
15. One Time (ft Prince Metropolitan, Danny Diablo)
16. How Many Times (ft Mitts Madball)

"Corona Drug Bust" album cover.