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Skam Dust featured on Danny DIablo’s Bodies Piled High

Danny Diablo Bodies Piled High video. Danny Diablo drops yet another dope video off of his “The Blood Of Eden” record. Danny Diablo just had a great weekend playing the ILL ROC Bumrush Show with his band Skarhead and the Black N Blue Bowl with his other band Crown Of Thornz. He shared the stage with an array of amazing bands such as District 9, Kill Your Idols, Breakdown, Madball, Bulldoze & the mighty Judge..

Not being one to take breaks Danny Diablo now drops his newest video “Bodies Piled High” featuring the always animated Skam Dust. The video was written/directed/2nd cam by Loki Sinister. Editing & FX by Wagner Pereira, Main Camera by Jon Tamkin all courtesy of ATOMIC DAWG MEDIA.

“The Blood Of Eden” is available for purchase @ iTunes:

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new White Owl video featuring SKAM DUST!!

White Owl just dropped a new video featuring Skam Dust & Lou Kiemia (Son Of Skam / Sub Zero). White Owl is a rapper from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY & has teamed up with legendary international hardcore superstar DANNY DIABLO and ILL-ROC Records to release his first Street CD on ILL ROC. More famously known for his years playing bass for early 90’s funk-rock pioneers WHITE TRASH (Elektra Records), and later, punk-rock and hardcore legends SKARHEAD and MURPHY’S LAW, WHITE OWL now combines his funk-rock, bass background, with poetic lyrics and killer beats, to introduce you to a funky fresh new style that’s all his own. With songwriting credits that range from landing WHITE TRASH on the Billboard Top 40, and MTV’s first Buzz Bin segment in 1991, to influencing the driving funk-punk underground sound of current NYHC legends SKARHEAD (Kings at Crime & Drugs, Music & Sex) and MURPHY’S LAW (The Party’s Over), WHITE OWL has showcased a 20 year music career writing and recording songs for other artists, starting with a major label release on Elektra at the age of 17. Finally stepping up to the mic with his ILL ROC debut, WHITE OWL combines his signature songwriter’s consciousness with edgy and heartfelt lyrics, that showcase his rhyming ability and reflect his life growing up on the NYC’s outer borough streets of Queens and Brooklyn.

Check out the “Bad Habits” video here:

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new video “Wild Style Life Style”!

Check out the new Skam Dust video “Wild Style Life Style”.

“Live from Kagoshima City , SKAM DUST performs with Life Style late after party @ “Timeless Bar” with NY metal band “SubZero”, legendary graffiti artist “MKUE”, “Felix aka Gato420″ & Life Style crew.”