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SKAM DUST, South Africa Tour Report & Music Update….

Skam Dust Tour report by our friends at The Wild Styles:

The Wild Styles – What’s up Skam, I’am happy to see you back in one piece..
Skam Dust – Thanks!

We been watching your Instagram & we couldn’t get enough, this wasn’t your average tour, I’ve seen you went on Safari..
Yes it wasn’t your average tour I kept it jumping for 14 days, I did just about everything; 3 days in the safari, recording sessions, playing shows, shot a music video & I even got married .

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Skam Dust Japan Tour Report & Music Update

We recently spoke with Skam about last month’s Skam Dust Japan Tour:

“This years SKAM FEST was more exciting for us cause we added 2 more cities, Osaka & Kagoshima.
We were up & down & all over Japan having a great time. We took a Bullet Train from Tokyo to Osaka then in a few days back on a bullet train heading south to Kagoshima. Then I flew back to “Have A Good Time” (store/gallery) in Tokyo via jet plane. We did travel a lot but managed to stay in both Osaka & Kagoshima for 2 days each. And we spent in total about 5 days in Tokyo.

SKAM FEST was fire, people can expect a hardcore rap show with live hardcore bands performing & we added tattoo’s & graffiti works from the one & only MQ, MKUE did a great job DJing, everyone was excited to see him, fans lined up for a MQ tattoo..
In short this was a traveling mutant circus on acid!!

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Skam Dust featured on Danny DIablo’s Bodies Piled High

Danny Diablo Bodies Piled High video. Danny Diablo drops yet another dope video off of his “The Blood Of Eden” record. Danny Diablo just had a great weekend playing the ILL ROC Bumrush Show with his band Skarhead and the Black N Blue Bowl with his other band Crown Of Thornz. He shared the stage with an array of amazing bands such as District 9, Kill Your Idols, Breakdown, Madball, Bulldoze & the mighty Judge..

Not being one to take breaks Danny Diablo now drops his newest video “Bodies Piled High” featuring the always animated Skam Dust. The video was written/directed/2nd cam by Loki Sinister. Editing & FX by Wagner Pereira, Main Camera by Jon Tamkin all courtesy of ATOMIC DAWG MEDIA.

“The Blood Of Eden” is available for purchase @ iTunes:

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MQ & Skam Dust are starting off the new year write with this new video “All Day I Dream About Stickers.” This video was actually from a few months back when MQ held an exhibition in Tokyo at Last Gallery called “All Day I Dream About Stickers.” The Video features a Helicopter ride and Skam Dust 2 stepping.