SKAM DUST, South Africa Tour Report & Music Update….
16 Sep 2014

SKAM DUST, South Africa Tour Report & Music Update….

Skam Dust Tour report by our friends

16 Sep 2014

Skam Dust Tour report by our friends at The Wild Styles:

The Wild Styles – What’s up Skam, I’am happy to see you back in one piece..
Skam Dust – Thanks!

We been watching your Instagram & we couldn’t get enough, this wasn’t your average tour, I’ve seen you went on Safari..
Yes it wasn’t your average tour I kept it jumping for 14 days, I did just about everything; 3 days in the safari, recording sessions, playing shows, shot a music video & I even got married .


Incredible, so the rumors are true..
Yes they are.

If I can ask, did you just meet this girl over there?

Amazing, how does that work.
It’s easy: all you need is some rum & coke, a few shots of African moonshine, a quarter hit of acid, & the coolest girl on earth & 4 hours later I was married.

Holy Shit, I’m speechless
Ya me too, as my homie JU of 246Crew said, Africa was for a higher purpose. Let’s leave it like that.

Gotcha , now to music, you recorded a song in Johannesburg & shot a video for it, how did this come about?
I been in contact with Pepi from the band Bloodline & we figured this out before hand, do a tour & hit the studio & then shoot a video. This band Bloodline made it real easy for me, they’re true pros ..


Dropping soon?
Yes the video will drop in 3 weeks or less. The song is called Blood Dust, of course, haha.

Of course haha, so what’s next Skam?
I got shows set for Japan, Brazil, Indonesia & South Africa. Also I’m recording a new record & look out for 3 videos dropping within 8 weeks..

Thanks Skam , it’s a pleasure kicking it with you, would you like to add anything in closing.
Yes I would like to thank Pepi, DJ-Sev1, Bloodline, A Reason To Live, Fuzigish, Sound Stable Studio, South Africa HardCore Tattoos for a great experience & warm welcome. & Monster Energy Drink for the best refreshing drinks & their professionalism, also the Mcgurk family for their hospitality & Irena Franco aka Crazy Dust.

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