Skam Dust news!
02 Feb 2012

Skam Dust news!

Skam Dust just finished a interview for

02 Feb 2012

Skam Dust just finished a interview for Infamous Magazine, together with legendary graff artist MQ. The issue will hit stands in late March / early April!

The new video “Wild Style Life Style” will be released everywhere this week. It was recorded shot in Japan, during the Sub Zero
/ Skam Dust Japan tour.. It looks real strong so be on the lookout!

Music wise Skam will be featured on Danny Diablo’s new cd “Blood Of Eden” (due out in March) with a track called “Bodies Piled
A new remix for the old Son Of Skam song “NY Bring It On” is worked on as we speak as well. The music is already completed, it
will features Skam, Freddy Madball & Lou Sub Zero on vocals… A video for this track will be shot in May!

In a month or so there will also be releasing an show tentatively titled “Skam Dust & The Super Friends” in co-operation with
Frank151.. More info on that one asap!

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